bregalad: (Default)
2017-03-27 08:48 pm

Retired at Last

Hi, everyone. Bregalad here. This is my first post (not counting replies to other member's posts) on this new venue. It's definitely going to take a while to get used to this format. I was much more comfortable with the previous formats, having categories and being able to see all posts and replies, but new ways for new times, I guess. Let's see how this works out.

I know I've been absent for quite a while. I apologize to all my old friends on the message boards. Life sort of got in the way, but that's a lame excuse, even to me.

I finally retired...Wahoo!!!, just last October, and am loving it. I've taken two trips already, one to California to visit family and friends, and the second was a cruise out of Tamp on the Rock Boat. Nothing but rock 'n roll music for five days! I'll do a separate post on this later.

Hopefully, some of the old timers are still around and we can renew our friendships. I also look forward to meeting the newer members.

Cheers to all!